Jamie Carroll, LLC logo and website redesign

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I have created a new logo and site design for JamieCarrollllc.com, I am also using a forwarding domain for marketing purposes. JamieC.com will automatically direct users to my core website. I wanted a domain that was shorter and easier to remember.

The goal of my website redesign was to create a modern site design and identity that focuses on what I do in my freelance business at Jamie Carroll, LLC. First, I wanted to showcase my Digital art and photo illustrations and give clients the opportunity to contact me for related projects. Second, I wanted to showcase the stock photos and illustrations I sell through iStockPhoto and give users an easy way to find my work on iStock. I am introducing a Store page for this.

The new site design also gave me the opportunity to move navigation around and bring more attention to my blog, Youtube channel and social media pages. When something new happens, I post it on my blog and it was important to make that link easier to see. My Youtube channel is gaining in views and it is where I post new digital art related videos, this link is much easier to find now. I am also linking to a variety of social media sites, including a brand new Facebook page. Having a Facebook fan page will make it easier to keep contacts updated on my creative activities.

I want to give a special thanks to my friend Steve Emlund for bailing me out whenever I have an HTML, CSS or WordPress question. Steve is a great designer and web guru @ Creative Improv.

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