The JCLLC Website Redesign

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It has been a couple years since I have updated my website. I wanted a simple, clean look that allows my portfolio samples to standout. The new site incorporates a few items that were afterthoughts on my old site. Some of the features that I wanted to showcase was my blog, YouTube channel and Twitter updates.

I have added a section to the blog for tutorials, which I plan to take suggestions and create tutorials as time allows.  An “about me” page is something that I have thought about for a while and finally added as a new page. I kept the same type of thumbnails and grid layout for my portfolio pages, which uses the Scriptaculous java script to navigate through the images.

For the websites I have designed in the past, I had used tables for the layout. I made an effort to work with divs and css for my new page layouts. The transition to working with the latest web techniques was made easy because I had a web designer friend that was able to advise and tweak the code with me. If you need a website or a custom WordPress blog, Mr. Steve Emlund at Creative Improv is a designer and coding guru that I recommend that you checkout. Steve was a big help after I installed the minimalistic wordpress theme Corporate Sandbox. Steve was able to add the navigation from my main website and incorporate it into my blog navigation. This gives a great transition when being on the main page and then visiting the blog.

One thing I try to do is promote and encourage that users sign up for an iStockPhoto account if they do not have one. I have my iStock referral link at the bottom of the pages, which will give a new user 3 free credits when they sign up for a new account with iStock. I also added a section on my Contact page that allows users to contact me and ask for a code that will give them 10 free iStockPhoto credits if they use the code during the sign up of a new account. These codes come from the back of my MOO business cards that iStock provides to exclusive artists. They are limited in number and I hope designers will take advantage of the opportunity.

I hope you enjoy the new website and find that things are a little easier to find.

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