Assassin digital artwork & video

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jamie-carroll-assassinCombining multiple images and effects to create a single digital artwork has long been a passion of mine. My latest work includes source images that I photographed and composited.

For those that have followed my work, you may remember that I photographed a series of female assassin stock photos. I used one of these stock images for the subject of this work, which is called End of the Road.

This classic scene features a vixen standing strong in the aftermath of an intense blast. I’m no stranger to dramatic light and this piece goes to the extreme. The subject is a strong silhouette, but not so much that you can’t make out detail. My favorite part was rebuilding the hair, which involved painting over the wig from the original stock image.

Take a moment to view the video and leave a comment. Visit my Youtube channel for all my digital art videos.

If you are interested in licensing the image, there is more info at the end of the post.


If you would like to license my work, you can purchase & download instantly from iStockphoto.

Digital art is registered © Jamie Carroll.

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