Goddess Photo Illustration/Digital Art

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This photo illustration is different from the work I have created before. After compositing the stock photos and adding the lighting and effects, I painted over the image to give it a more traditional painting appearance. Using Photoshop brushes and my Wacom tablet, I was able to experiment with some loose painterly techniques, which was new to me.

Click here to see the timelapse video of the process on my YouTube channel.

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  1. Stephen Emlund

    This is really well executed! I love seeing the detail. Did you use another program to do add the painterly overlay?

    I like the detail of the hair going over the blue flower in her hair.

  2. Jamie

    @Stephen Emlund – Thanks Steve. I didn’t use any other program besides Photoshop. The colors were pulled from the scene and the painting was done over the photo layers, using various brushes. The painting effects took several hours beyond the normal photo composite and lighting.

  3. Amanda

    This is just gorgeous! Inspires me to try “painting” with my new Wacom tablet while I have some time off work for New Year’s. As always, fantastic job!

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