iStockPhoto Battle Royale (Finals)

I have advanced to the finals in the iStock battle royale tournament. Click here to see the tournament chart. I will face iStock member Dr.Shad (aka Shadwan). This Photoshop battle will be 3 rounds with 3 days for each post. I am very excited to be at this level of the competition. Shadwan will be issuing the challenge tomorrow and I will need to decide if I am going first or second. Check back for updates, links and surprises.

How about some comments in here folks? The blog is getting a lot of traffic and I know it can’t all be spam. Hit the comment button and say hi, ask a question or speak your mind 🙂

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  1. Jason Haxton

    Hey Jamie,
    I loved reviewing your last battle with Dr. Shad – that was 5 rounds – so three rounds should be a cake walk…right! 🙂 Actually, I can hardly wait for this battle to begin. There should be some amazing pieces created from you both.

    BTW – I went to and searched with jamiecarrollllc – I really enjoyed watching the time lapse work of your battle pieces from the Dr. Shad match. The details of your work that it exposed were amazing! Good luck.

  2. Jamie

    @Jason Haxton
    Hi Jason,
    Good to see you in here, thanks for the comment and for checking out the videos. This will be an intense 3 rounds and we are underway now.

  3. Christina

    Congrats on your semifinals win!! I’m giving you all the energies to win the final too, you really deserve it. I look forward to playing with you in the cage anytime. 🙂

    GL and HF!!

    –> friz.

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