iStock Sponsored Steel-Cage Team Battle

Some of the veterans of the iStock Steel-cage are getting together to wage all out digital war. This is a 5 on 5 team battle with some added twists.

You can check out the battle images and comments at this link. Don’t be a stranger, stop in and say hi if you have an iStock account.

iStock has agreed to sponsor the battle by giving each of us a healthy dose of credits. In return, we need to create an image at high resolution, using the iStock logo and the theme 10 years of iStock.

Here are the artists and team lineups. The names listed below are our iStockPhoto usernames.
TEAMdue: ryuneo, dr.shad, singlewhitepixel, colonel, rosen_dukov
TEAMuno: friztin, jc_design (ME), chemc, electronicchild, 5starrebel

Below is my creation, please take a moment to check it out and leave a comment. This photo illustration is a transition piece for me and part of a larger goal to incorporate painting effects and techniques into my work. If you would like to see the images I used to create this photo illustration click here.

If you would like to see a 1 minute video of the steps involved in the creation, click here.

“iStockPhoto – 10 Years of Breaking the Rules” (100+ iStock credits and countless hours of work)
Cage Team Battle jc_design


3 Responses

  1. Jason

    Hey Jamie,
    Glad to see the latest battle – I was on the edge of my seat watching you create amazing people and places all last summer! I really like the new painterly manner you have developed – it really blends the multiple images which you have layered together. Good skills on the battle!

    Also, very nice article and images about your steel cage work in the “Still Magazine” that just came out.

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