Mayan Timekeeper – digital art with time-lapse video

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I created my latest work, Timekeeper for entry into two Photoshop contests. The first contest is the Guru Awards, which is hosted by NAPP and awarded at Photoshop World. The second contest is the Incredible Makeover Challenge, hosted by NAPP and WACOM. Win or lose, Photoshop competitions give you a reason to create new digital art, which results in a portfolio piece and more Photoshop experience.

Whether you are building a bunker in your backyard preparing for the end-of-the-world or you are laughing at those who are building a bunker, the Mayan Calendar is a hot topic. Beyond the obvious end-of-the-world Mayan theme, my inspiration was also influenced by a desire to incorporate a split screen or divided canvas. Timekeeper depicts a Mayan timekeeper sculpture that is connected to a clock and calendar timepiece underground.

If you are interested in Photoshop and want to see how I created this work, you can watch the epic 10 minute time-lapsed video on my Youtube channel (in HD).

Jamie Carroll Timekeeper



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