Photo composite ebook – on sale now!

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On sale now:
Mother Earth: Advanced techniques for creative photo composites

Do you use Photoshop? Are you interested in learning new techniques and improving your photo composites?

I’ve produced my first ebook which features my photo composite process and covers advanced Photoshop techniques.  The project started a few months ago and I am proud to say it is complete. First, I created Mother Earth, my latest digital artwork. While I was creating Mother Earth, I was also recording my screen to make a time-lapse video. Finally, my end goal was to produce an ebook based around the new work and release the video as a companion piece.

My ebook targets Photoshop users who like my digital art style and who are interested in learning my process and techniques. For the price of a coffee, you can learn new techniques and improve your work.


A special thanks to Steve Emlund for volunteering his time to review the ebook and style the ebook download page. Steve is a talented web designer and problem solver. You can read more about Steve here:


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