Photoshop Cafe Design Challenge 12 entry: “Pen & Path – Isolated Adventures”

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Photoshop Cafe held their 12th annual design challenge and I submitted my entry “Pen & Path – Isolated Adventures.” The challenge was to use a tool, menu item or anything from Photoshop and make a Blu-ray cover based on that theme. I chose to use the pen tool and paths, then related the classic tortoise and hare characters to those items. If you are not a Photoshop geek, I will give a bit of explanation on how the pen and path work. The pen tool is an accurate way to make selections around objects. After a selection is made, there is a path that is created. By using the resulting path as a selection, you can isolate or remove objects from their background. Hence, you have the pen tool, the path and an isolation.



7 Responses

  1. GeeKnee

    About time I got an RSS feed from you, Jamerson.

    The illustration is just beautiful, adorable … wonderful.

  2. Jamie

    Thanks GeeKnee – I try to muster up a blog post at least once a month. Did you checkout last months walkthrough of a photo illustration?

    Glad you like the Pen & Path illustration. I didn’t want to pass up making something for that Photoshop competition. Fingers Crossed.

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