Photoshop World Las Vegas 2010

It is always a good time and learning experience at Photoshop World Las Vegas and this time was no exception. Before the conference started, I was able to meetup with KatsGraphicsLV from iStock and visit the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop (From the show on History Channel) and pick up a few souvenirs. After that, Kat and I shot a few photos downtown and at the Las Vegas sign around dusk.

The first day of the conference, I got up a bit early to pick up registration info and the giant tutorial book that NAPP gives you which contains all the classes from the conference. This is a handy reference in case you miss any classes due to a schedule conflict with other desired classes.  Some of my favorite Photoshop classes involved Painting with Bert Monroy, a creative type class with Scott Kelby and a 3D in Photoshop class with Corey Barker. Others classes involved Photoshop channels, copyright and more.

The Photoshop expo is a fun experience where you can meet the vendors that you are accustomed to ordering from, as well as see new products that you might be interested in. My first stop was the iStockPhoto booth. I am a bit of an iStock nut 🙂 I license photos and illustrations for my day job at ATSU and I contribute to the site on a freelance basis. I was able to meet iStock Admin RogerMexico, which was a treat because I was able to get a cool T-Shirt and discuss the iStock Steel-cage, which he is involved in.

The live photo shoots and demos at the expo were filled with extra goodness this time around. There were models with props and backgrounds setup for conference goers to enjoy and photograph. I stopped by the WACOM booth to test drive a Cintiq 21 and the new Intuos tablet, which was sweet. There was one vendor in particular that I liked; Snapily allows you to make 3D prints from your layered Photoshop files, there is no limit and prices are reasonable. Check them out here:

Besides the amazing signage and cool atmosphere in Vegas, the shows are always a great choice while you are in town. My friends Kay and Scott hooked me up with a ticket to the Lion King, which was a grand production that featured amazingly talented artists and performers. Check it out the next time you are in Vegas.

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