Published in Photoshop Creative Issue 68

I submitted some of my photo illustration work to Photoshop Creative Magazine and I am pleased to announce they have published my work in issue 68 of the Readers’ Gallery.

Photoshop Creative is an outstanding publication from Imagine Publishing. You can purchase issue 68 from the publishers online shop.

A special thank you goes out to Simon @ Photoshop Creative for his efforts.

You can read more about each image that appears in print from these blog posts:
Peaceful Evening
Breaking the Rules

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  1. Jamie

    @steve yep, they sent me a copy and that came in the mail yesterday. I might have ordered an extra copy too 🙂

  2. Amanda

    That’s awesome; congrats! 🙂 I’ll have to check out the magazine; looks like it would have some great content and inspiration for work.

  3. Jamie

    @Amanda – thanks so much Amanda, you rock! I like the tutorial on the Van Gogh style that appears in that issue.

  4. Amanda

    @Jamie Once I saw the cover, I knew I’d have to check it out; I love Van Gogh. I may just have to consider subscribing to the magazine 🙂

    And congrats on being a guest judge in the BR! That was one close battle … I do not envy the task you had before you lol.

  5. Jamie

    Yes, I am also a Van Gogh fan 🙂

    Being asked to be a guest judge for the Battle Royale was a nice surprise. I spent a couple days analyzing and over-analyzing all the details. It was sooo close to call because they were both great in their own styles.

  6. Beatrix

    Hi Jamie,

    it arrived yesterday, I checked it out. Big congrats! One of my favorites of your work is the Breaking the Rules, among many others.. I could mention at least 8 more which are my favorites, as well. 🙂 Keep on doing this magic! 🙂

  7. Mari

    I’m a bit late but I’ve seen this – I’ve got the issue! Didn’t realize it was you. Congratulations! Really no surprise really. Fantastic work!

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