Simian – digital art by Jamie Carroll

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In recent years I’ve focused on being healthy. At first that meant losing weight (70 lbs total). Now I’m working on refining my lifestyle by focusing on nutrition and prevention. While reading Grain Brain and watching various medical lectures, I stumbled upon The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic by R.E. Tent, DC, ND, PhD.

My latest digital art, titled Simian, was inspired by Dr. Tent’s autoimmune lecture. The first part of the lecture is a history lesson on the Polio vaccine from the late 50’s and early 60’s. The vaccine was contaminated with the SV40 simian monkey virus (ref 1 & 2). The second part of the lecture connects viruses to the explosion of autoimmune conditions we are facing today. If you enjoy the lecture and want to go farther down the SV40 rabbit hole, you can listen to this interview with the author of Dr. Mary’s Monkey.

You can find Dr. Tent’s lecture series on his Youtube channel.

I’ve made this digital artwork hoping it inspires you to watch the autoimmune lecture and begin your own journey for health and truth.


Watch the behind the scenes video on the creation process.

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