Steampunk digital art battle – Round 2

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If you read this post, you remember that Ryuneo and I were gearing up for a Steampunk theme digital art battle. Well, the battle is in full swing and I just posted my round 2 image.  My theme is a time traveling steampunk sheriff.

Click here if you want to check out the official battle link, my images will be along the top row.

What steel-cage file would be complete with out a timelapse video? You can visit my YouTube channel to see the 720p HD video, complete with rockin music from iStockPhoto.

  1. Jamie Carroll, LLC » Steampunk digital art battle – Round 3

    […] Steampunk digital art battle – Round 3 Posted by Jamie on July 22, 2010 – 10:16 pm Filed under Digital Art, iStockphoto, photo illustration Tags: iStockphoto, istockphoto steel-cage, montage, photo collage, photo illustration, photo montage, photorealism Here is the latest image I have created for my Steampunk¬† Photoshop battle at iStock. You can check out the previous round here. […]

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