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Ryan Forshaw and I have been wanting to do an iStock steel-cage battle since before the battle royale last year, but the timing has never quite worked out. We decided to go ahead and get started, but we are doing it outside of the iStock Steel-cage for now. At some point, we will start a battle and upload the designs we have created.

Ryan and I are doing a Steampunk themed battle and I am starting things off with this image. I used a combination of stock photos from BigStockPhoto and iStockPhoto. After compositing the photos and adding the lighting, I painted over the final image to give it a painted appearance. I am still experimenting with ways to blend my compositions together beyond lighting and tone effects.

You can view an HD video of the photo illustration on my YouTube Channel.

I used music by iStock artist John Matta for the video. The music reminds me of the post-apocalyptic game intro for Fallout II, which is somewhat fitting for this image.

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  1. Ryan Forshaw

    Awesome work mate! I’m really looking forward to this battle. I think it’s going to be my biggest challenge yet.

  2. Jamie

    @Ryan thanks man, this should be a good challenge for both.

    @RD With the BR starting sooner than later, Ryan will be busy for awhile. We are holding off posting the battle until after that. Cheers!

    • Jamie

      @Steve – thanks dude. The boot leather came in handy to protect the girls back from the rocket blast. At least I hope it is enough protection.

    • Jamie

      @Amanda – thank you. We are a little slow, but hopefully we can get the battle finished one day 🙂 Are you going to enter the battle royale this year? It would be a good time for you to jump in the cage.

  3. Amanda

    I actually thought about it earlier today. I dropped by the cage to see what was going on and saw someone mention the BR. I guess it would be good experience for me to just enter something in qualifying and see how it compares to other entries. Do you know when it starts? I’m not sure how much spare time I’m going to have over the next few months, so that would be my main concern of entering! 🙂

    • Jamie

      @Amanda Last year it started in late May. Maybe they are going to shorten the length of the tournament and so it will start later. Not sure though.

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