“Sweet Escape” Photo Illustration (2nd place – Mini-challenge)

I recently created this photo illustration for the iStock Battle Royale Mini-challenge #1. The goal was to use 1 iStock “Free image of the week” and create a new scene around it. I chose this photo to use as the base of my photo illustration and worked with it and around it.

I have received second place in the challenge, the winnings are:
50 iStockphoto credits and some new iStock swag.

2 Responses

  1. Amanda

    I LOVE this. Would have commented on the forums, but … still haven’t had a reason to buy credits to reinstate my posting privileges 🙂

    Do you know when they’ll declare the winner of Challenge #1? I’ve been trying to check regularly to see when they might post #2. Not sure I’ll have time to participate, but I’d really like to get my feet wet in the cage.

  2. Jamie

    Thanks Amanda. They announced the winner in the BR forum yesterday (Deedl). I got second place and D-Artist was third. The next mini-challenge should start anytime now, but you have to go between the BR website and the forums to find info. Hope to see you in there.

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