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Uncaged was inspired by a community of artists that engaged in Photoshop battles. I was part of the community and the resulting work offered great inspiration. There was little activity in recent years, but I wanted to pay tribute to the community after I heard the service or ability to participate was “discontinued.” A huge thanks to all the artists I learned from in the ‘steel-cage.’

I worked outside my comfort zone in an abstract style and made use of nearly 30 stock photos. With my discovery of Dollar Photo Club, complex photo composites have become affordable once again. If you create digital art and need stock images, check out Dollar Photo Club. They offer cheap monthly or yearly plans featuring royalty-free images for ONE DOLLAR!

If you enjoy seeing my digital art and want to learn about my workflow and techniques, check out my Photoshop ebook: Mother Earth: Advanced techniques for creative photo composites. I appreciate your support for my work!



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