Uprising – Steampunk digital painting

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My digital art generally involves compositing multiple photos and effects to create a photo illustration. I took my latest work, Uprising a step further by completely repainting the scene.

Using source images that I photographed and scanned, I built the photo composite and then moved to the painting phase. Establishing the photo composite as a reference allowed me to work out the lighting and composition before beginning the painting.

Painting the final composite transformed my work into a more expressive, simplified piece. Although, keeping the subject simplified was a challenge, because I have a tendency to add as much detail as possible. In future paintings, I will try to break away from photo-realism and strive for loose brush strokes and implied detail with the subject.


Uprising Jamie Carroll

If you would like to license my artwork for a steampunk-themed cover, poster or media project, you can purchase and download my steampunk artwork instantly from iStockphoto.


Jamie Carroll

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  1. Ted

    I am at the lowest step of the ladder and you are teaching me how to fly. Thank you.

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