Photoshop World Las Vegas 2012

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Attending Photoshop World in Las Vegas is definitely a treat. When the opportunity arises, I take it. Each conference is a little different, so I will provide a few highlights.

Da Vinci – The Genius
The day before the conference, I went to Da Vinci – The Genius, an exhibit at The Venetian. The exhibit showcases multiple scale models created from Da Vinci’s designs. There was a video presentation featuring The Last Supper and a room dedicated to the study of the Mona Lisa. If you are into the Mona Lisa, than you would really geek out from the analysis of the painting. I didn’t realize there was such a controversy over her eye brows and lashes or lack thereof.

Meetup @ Eye Candy
What conference is complete without networking opportunities? The meet-up or Tweet-up at Eye Candy in Mandalay Bay allowed me to chat with fellow Photoshop Users and mingle with the some of the Photoshop Guys.

The Keynote Ceremony and Guru Awards Presentation
The conference officially begins with the keynote ceremony. There is a fun presentation to kick things off, then representatives from Adobe speak about the latest advances in Photoshop, followed by an awards ceremony. Before attending the conference, I was notified I was one of three finalists for a Photoshop Guru Award in the Artistic Category for my design Timekeeper. Unfortunately, my design did not win, but it was nice to be acknowledged during the ceremony as a finalist and to see my work on display in the Expo hall.

Favorite classes
One of the great things about Photoshop World is the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the industry. A few of the more memorable classes I took were from Bert Monroy, Joel Grimes and Jeremy Cowart.

When attending Photoshop World, I always make it a point to take a class from Bert Monroy. The class I attended was “Effects with Filters” which focused on creating elements such as lightning, pouring water, denim texture and more. The next time I need a light ray, water reflection or bolt of lightning in a composite, I should be able to create it with filters instead of using a stock photo.

After watching a video on Wacom’s site featuring one of Joel Grime’s post-production techniques, I became an instant fan. I admire the lighting that Joel creates for his photos and he merges that great lighting with impressive post-production techniques to create simplistic, but stunning photo composites. For this reason, I attended Joel’s class on Taking the Mystery Out of Light. Joel is passionate about his work and is eager to teach.

Jeremy Cowart’s class on Vision offered insights on creative vision and style. Jeremy examined and spoke about the work of artists he admires and what makes their work unique. Jeremy was an awesome speaker and his class was an hour well spent.

My schedule was full at Photoshop World and there are always a few classes that you are unable to attend because they occur at the same time as others. Luckily, each attendee receives a book of all the class notes from the conference. There is no replacement for sitting in on a class, but having the conference book is a great way to get an overview of what you may have missed.

After hours party
While networking at the Eye Candy meet-up, I met @nickpix. Nick was kind enough to give me his extra ticket to the After Hours Party at the House of Blues. The party was a good time and it featured a band that included Scott Kelby.

The Expo
The expo is packed full of vendors offering the latest software, gear, training and a variety ways to present your work. Several booths also offer live training opportunities and classes on the expo floor.

Peter Lik Gallery
If you are at Photoshop World in Vegas, you have to stop by the Peter Lik Gallery in Mandalay Bay. Peter is a master of light and form.