Our dog, Pippin, passes with much love from the internet

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Our dog, Pippin, recently passed away. He was our buddy and part of the family for over 14 years. Along with being king of the house, he was also known to the internet. I had shot a series of stock photos of him when he was a few years old. Those stock photos had been licensed for a variety of uses. One of the uses was the profile photo for @dog_rates, a well known social media presence that celebrates the awesomeness of dogs.

My son communicated with @dog_rates on several occasions about our dog being featured as the profile photo. @dog_rates posted a nice tribute in honor of Pippin. The post went viral and received much love from the pupper community. I just wanted to thank everyone for the love that Pippin has received and acknowledge our awesome dog, Pippin. They really are “Man’s best friend.”

My original stock photo of Pippin

@dog_rates twitter post

BuzzFeed article

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