Steampunk Stock Photos

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The Steampunk genre is huge right now, especially in digital art. You may remember this Steampunk themed digital art battle that I participated in. I have been inspired by the Steampunk theme and decided to photograph some Steampunk stock photos.  I enjoyed creating these photos and I hope you can find use for them in your graphic design and digital art projects. You can license these Steampunk stock photos from iStockPhoto, check out the collection of images.

steampunk stock photos Steampunk stock photos

5 Responses

  1. Janet

    Nice one Jamie, I saw these yesterday and thought they were good didn’t notice they were yours at the time… excellent! I certainly will find them useful 🙂

  2. Beatrix Boros

    New face in your steampunk collection? 🙂 They are so cool! Is it you who has these accessories, or the models carry them?

  3. Jamie

    @beatrix yes, I have used a couple models and did a few new shots recently. thanks 🙂 I bought and assembled the accessories.

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