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  1. Amanda

    Any tutorial you could include on how you do lighting effects (like in your Steel Cage/Battle Royale blows) would be great. I’ve been trying to learn a couple of techniques between projects at work, so I’m always looking around for some quality lighting tutorials. Thanks for taking the time to add a tutorial section to your new site; I look forward to seeing it! 🙂

  2. Jamie

    Thanks Amanda, sounds like a good topic. I am new to creating tutorials, so I am not sure of the exact format. It will probably be screen captures with a description. I may attempt a video tutorial at some point.

  3. Amanda

    That sounds great; thanks so much for taking the time to do that! Maybe one day I’ll finally feel confident & comfortable enough to enter the Steel Cage myself haha! 🙂

  4. Alfredo

    hey Jamie, I will like to know how you did all your work, it’s amazing. Will you upload more videos?. Specifically I’m interesting in getting to know how you applied that bluish/aqua color movie fx, like the penguin and polar bear artwork you have on your site. Harry Potter the half-blood prince uses the same fx, Batman the dark night as well, do these poster use the brush tool for lighting or were the photos shot with high exposure? how do you sharpen hair so well? The snow/speckles and rain fx, I don’t know if these combination of fxs have a name but I see it a lot in the Movie Industry, Thanks Jamie.

  5. Jamie

    Thanks for the requests Alfredo, I will keep those in mind when I gear up to make some tutorials.

  6. dogma

    thank you so much for sharing your knowledge… its a great help for a newcomer like me

    please show us some of your skills from your battle royale 2009 final

    thx in forward

  7. Sheryl

    Jamie, your videos are wonderful, as is the PS tutorial of the squirrel. The part that I’d love to see in ‘slow-motion’ or in a tutorial is how you “painted in extra hair on the tail so it would look more natural”. I saw you do this on the video of the girl with the butterflies. It was very fast, of course, but you seemed to paint in her hair and it looked so very natural! I’ve never been able to master this kind of isolation/natural look from a photo before. I’d love to learn how you do it. Thanks for giving back to the community w/ your videos and tuts! As a fellow iStockPhoto photographer, I salute you & your beautiful work!
    Sheryl (YazolinoGirl)

    • Jamie

      Thank you Sheryl! I will keep that in mind for a new tutorial “isolation and repainting hair”

      The short explanation is to isolate the image and then in a new layer(s), sample the hair color around and using a small soft brush with Wacom/stylus, paint a series of brush strokes that look like they follow the flow of the hair. Use light pressure and lower opacity and just build up the hair.

  8. Reef Baskerville

    I was wondering if you could give some pointers from the image 19 of 35 (4th row down, 4th Image over) or 22 of 35 (5th row down, 2nd Image over) your digital page.

  9. Jamie

    @Reef I have a couple time-lapse videos on Youtube that show how those images came together, hope these links help:

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